Building WordPress AMP Sites

This plugin handles many of the details in creating AMP content. But the plugin is not a turn-key solution to the “how-to-amplify-my-site” problem. This means that in cases where AMP compatibility cannot be achieved in a straightforward manner by combining fully AMP-compatible plugins and themes, there is a development effort that has to be pursued to adapt those parts on the site that are not AMP compatible. 

This process entails understanding the specifics of any existing AMP incompatibility, and taking the necessary actions to address them and adapt your site until it becomes fully AMP compatible. This process applies to the development of full sites, or individual themes and plugins.

This Section provides guidance on how to develop for AMP content creation in WordPress with the assistance of the AMP plugin, and to approach the process of debugging AMP pages until they become fully valid. And you can also learn how to validate your site much faster, using a WP-CLI command.