As a WordPress expert who specializes in building WordPress sites and solutions by defining the needs of such sites and choosing the right theme and plugins to deliver the functionality required and the look and feel of those sites, the AMP plugin can play a key role in your solutions by enabling AMP to greatly improve the load time and runtime behavior of pages in your sites.

The ecosystem of plugins and themes is growing rapidly, and the AMP plugin provides support for several default themes, so you can get started with your AMP integration strategy right away.

The plugin handles many of the details of enabling AMP-valid content. And in cases where it is not possible, for example because some pages in your site require some important ad script, the plugin will ensure that the non-AMP version of the given content is rendered. This way you can get the performance benefits on as much of the site as possible, while keeping the display and functionality of the site.

To see the benefits of AMP and how this plugin will help you support it, dig deeper following these links: