Site Owners

As a site owner, advancing a strategy of AMP content creation can be a wise approach from a business perspective. Some aspects to be considered include:

  • AMP can greatly improve your user engagement, because fast page load times mean that your visitors will have more time to interact with your site; and higher engagement translates into more revenue.
  • AMP makes it easier for developers to build high performant sites that deliver compelling and beautiful experiences to your users. Consequently, your development costs can be reductions in development complexity and maintenance overhead.
  • AMP pages can be served efficiently from AMP caches such as the Bing AMP cache, the Cloudflare AMP cache, or the Google AMP cache. These caches enable near-instant load times for your AMP pages, and you can take advantage of them for free. Basically you get the benefits of a high-performance, globally distributed, serving platform without incurring in any extra work beyond the creation of your AMP content. 

The official AMP plugin for WordPress enables the WordPress ecosystem to take advantage of AMP.  Talk to your developers and/or implementers to discuss goals associated with advancing your AMP content creation strategy. And get more context by following these links: