The AMP in WordPress Video Series!

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Have you ever asked yourself: what does it take to succeed on the web as a content creator? If you’re a publisher, site owner, blogger, or creator on the web, I am sure you have. Achieving sustainable success is of paramount importance for anyone looking to grow their audience and keep creating and publishing the content they love.  Success on the web can be attributed to a variety of complex factors that I refer to as Success Factors. Some of the most challenging and most important success factors that affect a website are its performance and usability. After all, we can have the best content in the world, but if our site cannot offer consistently good performance and usability, our users won’t enjoy the experience and are likely to spend less time reading and engaging with our content.  

We are releasing a new video series tp spend some time discussing with you the topic of taking advantage of tools available to us (i.e. the AMP web framework) to address performance and usability challenges in your site and ensure great page experiences to our users. And, more specifically, we will look at how we can do that in the WordPress ecosystem.

I am very excited about this series and I am looking forward to engaging with you in the coming weeks. The video above gives you a glimpse of what the series is all about. If you would like to stay in the know about the series, subscribe to the AMP channel, and activate notifications to find out when new episodes are released. Spoiler alert: Episode #1 coming soon!


  1. Wow, I love it, I am subscribing right now, definitely the video content is the most consumed currently, I am very happy that this series is starting, I hope you can share your knowledge with us to best implement your technology for performance and user satisfaction, thank you very much

    1. Hi iPolitica, thanks for your comment. The official AMP plugin for WordPress, still evolving we have released the version 2.2, with new feature such as site scan and the new support area and the experimental feature using Bento AMP

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