• AMP in WordPress, the WordPress Way

    The Official AMP Plugin for WordPress is designed to enable AMP content creation seamlessly integrated with standard WordPress workflows for both Gutenberg and the classic editor.

  • Build WordPress AMP Sites

    To build optimized WordPress sites with AMP you can follow best practices and tutorials, and look at other sites that have leveraged the capabilities of the plugin.

  • Tailored for You

    Whether you are site owner, an implementer, or a developer, you can leverage the capabilities of this plugin to integrate AMP content into your sites.

AMP-ready Themes and Plugins

  • Gutenberg

    Gutenberg is a redesign of the WordPress WYSIWYG editor.

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  • Twenty Nineteen

    At the core of Twenty Nineteen is its simple, sophisticated typography. 

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  • Twenty Sixteen

    Twenty Sixteen is a modernized take on an ever-popular WordPress layout.

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  • Twenty Fifteen

    Twenty Fifteen default theme is clean, blog-focused, and designed for clarity.

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