First, please read the AMP Project’s frequently asked questions.

    How do I customize the AMP output for my site?

    If you’re using “Standard” mode AMP (formerly “Native”) or “Transitional” mode AMP (formerly “Paired”), this will generally apply any changes you make in the Customizer. When using Legacy Templating, in your Customizer’s “AMP” panel, you can edit the “Header Text Color,” “Header Background & Link Color,” and “Color Scheme.”

    What embed and shortcode support is there?

    For information about handling of shortcodes, check out the page Native WordPress Embed And Shortcode Support.

    How do I add analytics to my site?

    Many plugins are adding AMP support already. If you handling analytics yourself, please see the page about Analytics.

    Google Webmaster Tools is reporting validation errors for my site. How do I fix them?

    The best place to start is to open a new discussion in the plugin’s support forum with details on what the specific validation error is.

    Why is my post AMP URL being redirected to the non-AMP URL?

    This could happen if the AMP plugin has not been activated. It could also happen because there are AMP validation errors, which causes the redirect to prevent invalid AMP from being served. Check these two possibilities to determine the culprit.

    Google’s AMP Validator says “A value for the image field is required”.

    This is likely to be caused by not having a featured image added to your post. If you don’t have a featured image to be added we recommend creating a generic image which can be used with each post lacking one.

    That will make your post appear more attractive on Google itself without requiring you to find a new, unique image. Featured images are currently necessary for Google to index your AMP pages, so if you have one to include in every post, that will not only resolve this issue, but it will also help with SEO!

    AMP loading error: the background seems to load, but the rest of the page (including images) doesn’t load quickly or at all. What’s wrong?

    This may be caused by another plugin interfering with the AMP rendering of your posts. If you’ve installed a few new plugins, try deactivating them one at a time to see if that makes a difference. Certain settings can interfere with the loading of the page, so once you narrow it down, try adjusting the settings and extensions as well on other plugins.

    How to remove default schema markup added by the plugin?

    You can remove default schema markup like this:

    remove_action( 'amp_post_template_head', 'amp_post_template_add_schemaorg_metadata' );

    My question wasn’t answered in the here; what should I do?

    Check out the AMP plugin’s help forums here. 🙂 You might find your question has already been answered, or you can post a new one.