How the Plugin Works

If we think about AMP-first content creation in WordPress we can see two extreme scenarios:

  1. Everything is done manually: every WordPress site is on its own, building AMP compatibility into the components of site, very challenging, virtually impossible for most users.
  2. Everything is done automatically: the user can flip a switch and AMP content is generated and maintained with ease

At the beginning of the project, the reality was all the way to the left; no support at all, and therefore users have only the option of having very primitive AMP versions of their site. And the balance point between how much needs to be done manually, and how much can be automated, has been steadily moving towards the right as the WordPress ecosystem moves towards AMP compatibility.

The AMP plugin is the core technology enabling the ecosystem to move in this direction, and enabling WordPress users to take advantage of AMP.

In this Section, you can learn more about how the plugin handles automatic conversion in some instances, and some of the internal workings of the engine that enables AMP in WordPress integration.