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In the AMP plugins settings page, the users with access to the AMP plugin can define general behaviors related to the plugin.

Other section at AMP plugin settings page

Mobile Redirection #

The first configuration option enables or disables automatic redirection of mobile users to the AMP version of our site.

When mobile redirection is enabled, mobile visitors are automatically redirected to the AMP version. Still, the AMP plugin inserts a link in the footer of AMP pages leading to the non-AMP version. Once a user is on the non-AMP version, they can go back to the AMP version via a link in the same location in the footer.

Also, when mobile redirection is enabled, the plugin automatically enables AMP-to-AMP (A2A) linking, allowing users who have reached AMP content to stay in the AMP experience of your site while navigating directly from the AMP page to the AMP page.

To find out how enabling mobile redirection can assist with your site’s search performance, we’ve written a blog post covering this benefit. 

Enable Developer Tools #

The plugin provides an integrated tool to validate AMP pages and contextualizes issues precisely indicating the component of the site responsible for the occurrence of the offending markup. 

You can learn more about this feature by visiting the Developer Tools documentation.

Delete plugin data at Uninstall #

The plugin provides settings to remove all plugin-related data upon uninstallation. This includes data created to serve AMP pages and provide the necessary validation information, including user settings, validation-related data, and transients.

The setting toggle will let you choose between keeping the data if you are just re-installing the AMP plugin or completely removing the data on uninstall.