Good performance and usability improves the user experience and core business metrics. With AMP your site can provide a consistently fast experience across all devices. Performance gains often translate in improvements in the numbers that matter, such as time spent on page, return visits and CTRs. Some of the ways AMP helps us achieve this are the following.

Increase Engagement #

Conversions fall by 12 percent for every extra second a webpage takes to load. If you want people to engage with your brand and increase your sales and the performance of your campaigns, you have to speed things up. AMP offers a way for you to give users a faster experience everywhere — on ads, landing pages or your entire website.

Reduce Complexity #

Building sites that provide all the pillars of great UX is very difficult, in part because web development is very complex, and also because we are developing for a global audience which comes with a set non-trivial challenges a cost-effective and simple solution for content creators and publishers to build great page experiences regardless of our technical expertise or the amount of resources we have.

Minimize Costs, Increase Revenue #

AMP capabilities makes it easier for us to tackle the challenges we must face when building sites for performance and usability. Therefore, we can reduce our investment on development to reach our goals, and also on maintenance to avoid regressions, and staying up to date with the evolution of the capable web.

Since ROI = Spend + Income, reductions on investment levels, and increases on conversion, directly translate into maximizing the ROI for our business .

Build for a sustainable future #

With AMP you can build your online presence in a sustainable way. AMP’s design principles and the mechanisms and controls it provides out of the box, allows you as a site owner and/or publisher to build your sites with confidence and stay on the fast path with ease.

Both the AMP framework and the official AMP Plugin for WordPress will continue evolving steadily with time, staying up to date with the capable web. This means that you can keep your sites equally at the forefront of web development best practices without an increased burden on your side.