Why the AMP Plugin

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Google recently launched an initiative called Web Vitals with the goal of providing unified guidance for quality signals that are essential to delivering a great user experience on the web. If we ensure the pages we deliver to our users meet certain threshold values for these metrics, we have a fair shot at success as content creators.

 The goal of optimizing Web Vitals is well aligned with AMP’s vision and design principles. From its inception, AMP has been all about a simple axiom: take care of the user experience and everything else will follow. This means AMP was envisioned, designed, and implemented explicitly with the purpose of making it easier to build user-first sites; these are sites that are fast, beautiful, engaging, secure, and accessible. In short, AMP is a powerful and cost-effective tool to make it way easier to build great-performing sites, reducing the level of technical expertise, as well as the time and resources required to succeed at that goal.

The Official AMP Plugin for WordPress is developed and maintained by AMP project contributors to put the pillars of AMP content publishing at the fingertips of WordPress users, by:

  • Automating as much as possible the process of generating AMP-valid markup, letting users follow workflows that are as close as possible to the standard workflows on WordPress they are used to.
  • Providing effective validation tools to help dealing with AMP incompatibilities when they happen, including aspects of identifying errors, contextualizing them, and reporting them accurately.
  • Providing support for AMP development to make it easier for WordPress developers to build AMP compatible ecosystem components, and build websites and solutions with AMP-compatibility built in.
  • Supporting the serving of AMP pages on Origin, making it easier for site owners to take advantage of mobile redirection, AMP-to-AMP linking, minimization of AMP validation issues to surfaced in Search Console, and generation of optimized AMP pages by default.
  • Providing turnkey solutions for segments of WordPress creators and publishers to be able to go from zero to AMP content generation in no time, regardless of technical expertise or availability of resources.

The bottom line is this: When it comes to building successful sites, AMP is your friend. And the official AMP plugin is your key to access the potential of AMP in your WordPress sites.