Site Owners

Are you a site owner who oversees the strategic aspects of your web property and decides on the technological direction to be followed? If so, you can take advantage of the AMP plugin for WordPress to empower your developers and/or implementers to bring your site to the next level of performance and efficiency. Check the Showcases section of this site to get a glimpse of other sites leveraging the capabilities of the plugin today.


Are you a WordPress software engineer who develops themes and plugins, and/or contributes to WordPress core?  If so, you can leverage the capabilities of the AMP plugin for WordPress to assist you during the development of any component of your site in a way that is fully AMP compatible.

AMP capabilities, integrated with your development environment via the AMP plugin often makes your tasks much easier; from implementing complex functionality in your site, to ensuring that your site implementation is highly performant, the AMP plugin puts AMP’s power at your fingertips. 


Are you a WordPress expert who specializes in building WordPress sites and solutions by defining the needs of such sites and choosing the right theme and plugins to deliver the functionality required and the look and feel of those sites. If so, you can leverage the capabilities of the plugin as a key component of AMP-compatible solutions.

Specifically, check the ecosystem section as a starting point to find themes and plugins that are AMP compatible, and also take a look in the Showcases section for several examples of sites that are built to provide AMP experiences.

Furthermore, the plugin will serve as a validation tool to let you know if any component you add to a site is fully AMP compatible, and if not, where the problems are so that you can decide what, if anything, could be removed (e.g. plugin X is not actually needed), and also point them in the right direction to seek help in case there are components that don’t work. 

Official AMP Plugin for WordPress

The official AMP plugin for WordPress enable AMP content creation in WordPress seamlessly integrated with the standard content creation workflows in WordPress; and this is true both classic editing, or Gutenberg-based editing.